In late-2022, our Instagram account was disabled. We lost all of our content, the connection to our customer base (14,000+ followers), and the ability to market our business as we used to.
This year, we recovered the original username and are back on track regaining brand awareness. If you’re new here: we’ve been buying, selling, & trading streetwear, sneakers, & vintage clothing since 2020.

Check us out @workshop.omaha

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Est. 2020

Located in downtown Omaha, work•shop is the city's first store with a buy•sell•trade business model for sneakers, streetwear, and vintage clothing. We pride ourselves on offering a creative space where individuals can learn, grow, and explore their passions. Our carefully curated selection of quality products is complemented by in-house creative endeavors such as screen printing, garment dye and reconstruction, graphic design, photography, as well as brand consulting and development. Additionally, we host workshops and Pop Ups, with a mission to promote the pursuit of creative development and an emphasis on the importance of community. 

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